What is Aero?

What is Aero?

Aftermarket car part "aero" refers to aerodynamic components or modifications that are not original equipment installed by the vehicle manufacturer. These aftermarket aero parts are designed to enhance the aerodynamic performance of a vehicle or its overall appearance. Common aftermarket aero parts include spoilers, splitters, canards, diffusers, and other modifications that aim to improve the airflow around the vehicle. These enhancements may serve various purposes, such as increasing downforce for better stability, reducing drag to improve fuel efficiency, or enhancing the overall appearance of the vehicle. Car enthusiasts often choose aftermarket aero parts to customize their vehicles for both performance and aesthetic reasons. 


Is Aero worth it?

It really depends, do you want your car to look more stylized and not stock? Is this your first time modifying a car? There's a bunch of variables depending on individual preferences, driving habits, and the specific goals of the vehicle owner. Here are some factors to consider:



Aero modifications can improve a vehicle's aerodynamics, potentially enhancing performance by increasing downforce, reducing drag, and improving stability at higher speeds. If you're into performance certain aero upgrades may be beneficial.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Most people invest in aero parts for the visual appeal they add to a vehicle. If you value a customized and unique appearance for your car, aero modifications can be worth it.


Aftermarket aero parts vary in price, and installation costs may add to the overall expense. Consider your budget and whether the potential benefits align with the cost. Depending on the brand aero can range from $100-10,000. Some may be overpriced for what they are and others are cost effective gems that can really improve your car. Shop the right aero for you by reading on the material type, fitment, and overall designs.

Daily Driving:

If you primarily use your vehicle for daily commuting and regular driving, the impact of aero modifications on everyday performance might be minimal. In such cases, the aesthetic aspect may be the primary consideration. If this is the case we recommend aero that is designed nicely with quality material and fitment.

Legal Considerations:

Some regions have regulations regarding aftermarket modifications. Ensure that any aero enhancements comply with local laws and regulations.

Resale Value:

Depending on the modifications made, aftermarket enhancements may impact the resale value of a vehicle. Some buyers appreciate customized features, while others may prefer stock configurations.


Ultimately, the worth of aero modifications is subjective and depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you're considering such modifications, it's advisable to research thoroughly and weigh the potential benefits against the associated costs. In conclusion there are two types of aero; one for the track and performance individual and another for the everyday modders that want a more aggressive style car. Is Aero Worth it for you?

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