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Street Aero Rear Diffuser


At Street Aero, we take pride in our diverse range of Rear Diffuser Editions, each with its unique characteristics and history.

Our journey began with the creation of the OG Rear Diffusers, our first product line. These diffusers are celebrated for their distinctive and aggressive bends, tailored to enhance the aesthetics of each specific car.


Alongside the OGs, we introduced the Classic diffusers. Both the OG and Classic diffusers were initially crafted from our HDPE material. However, due to the bending requirements of the OGs, we could only transition the Classic Edition to our new material. This led to a temporary discontinuation of the OGs as we sought a solution to replicate the bends with the new material. (ACM aka Aluminum Composite Material is superior to HDPE in every way, not only is it resilient, it is easy to clean and polish)


During this period, we launched a new line of diffusers, the E1s or Edition 1s. Designed with a Main Panel and two dropdown Side Panels, these diffusers are mounted with 3D printed Carbon Fiber PETG Mounting Brackets, custom-designed for each make and model.


With constant emails and messages of people wanting us to bring back the OG designs we knew we had to put things on overdrive and start experimenting on ways to bring back everyone's favorites.


After months of research and testing we’re excited to share that we’ve recently discovered a method to recreate the beloved OG designs with our new material. Due to their popularity and the numerous requests we received, we’ve decided to bring back the OG diffusers. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do! 😊



Here are some of our Street Aero Rear Diffusers

Street Aero
Classic Edition Rear Diffuser
Street Aero
OG Edition Rear Diffuser
Street Aero
Edition 1 Rear Diffuser
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