New and Improved: HDPE to ACM

Street Aero is excited to announce a significant leap in product excellence! We’ve completely revamped our Rear Diffuser, Front Splitter, and Side Splitter, enhancing not only their aesthetics but also the material quality.





Transitioning from HDPE to ACM: The journey from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) to ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) was a challenging yet rewarding endeavor for Street Aero. Previously, our products, crafted from HDPE, were prone to flexing and warping due to the high Polyethylene content, especially under excessive heat. Recognizing this flaw, we prioritized product integrity over profits, halting the production of Side Splitters and Front Splitters to prevent distributing subpar products. This decision led to a temporary dip in sales, but it was a necessary step in our relentless pursuit of quality.


After extensive research and technological advancements, including the upgrade of our CNC machine, we’ve mastered the art of crafting Splitters with ACM. This superior material consists of a resilient core layer flanked by two robust aluminum sheets, offering enhanced durability, ease of maintenance, a sleeker gloss finish, and most importantly, resistance to warping.



Why ACM? ACM sets a new benchmark for all Street Aero components. It’s not just about the Splitters; ACM elevates the entire Street Aero product line with improved designs and precise laser etchings. This material has propelled us into a new era of innovation, ensuring that our products don’t just meet but exceed quality standards, promising longevity and performance. With ACM, Street Aero is redefining excellence in aftermarket car parts.


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