About us

Street Aero produces outstanding quality, Aerodynamic products, at an unbelievable price point. Being affordable without sacrificing quality is what we strive to achieve. Our products are CNC cut to precise dimensions and fit your car perfectly.


We decided to produce Aerodynamic products because we felt there wasn't any affordable custom parts on the market. Quality aero parts often run upwards of $1,000 with over-complicated fitment and alignment issues. Aero was only reserved for only the most dedicated automotive enthusiasts and professionals. We are here to change that. We use technology previously reserved for ultra-high end aero products, and combine that with a high quality, durable, and affordable materials. Street Aero's products are not only affordable and aesthetically appealing, but installation can be done at home without a professional.


Things we're working on:

1 of 1 2jz Lambo
New Carbon Fiber Diffusers
New Rear Diffuser Designs
New Shift Knobs
Super Secret Shit